Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The men who pay to rape women and girls

And the men who force, sell and profit from the raping of women and girls.

Images of the men convicted following sex trafficking task force stings between Jan. 1, 2013 - July 11 2016 in central Minnesota US.

If it were not for the men who pay to rape (predominantly) women and girls. Prostitution and sex trafficking would not exist. Also the (mostly) men who force and sell women and girls for profit, would not exist. Prostitution and sex trafficking are interchangeable, so no person can distinguish which adult has 'chosen' or is 'trafficked'

It is time to focus on the men who buy and sell female bodies.

The men who justify rape, by paying for what they believe to be 'Just a commodity and merely a business contract between two consenting adults' Share the same inherent traits as sexually sadistic psychopaths. They are sexually entitled, arrogant,callous, abusive, enjoy the power, control and suffering of females and are devoid of any empathy, compassion or concern for the female. Even if they know them to be trafficked or obviously drug dependant, poverty stricken, homeless and vulnerable.
 They appear to have the same propensity for sexual violence as non-paying rapists, except they feel more entitled, because they are actually 'paying' and expect to get their moneys worth, regardless of the females circumstances.
The reason that these rapist pay, is because if they didn't pay and were arrested, it would legally be deemed a sexual assault and/or rape charge.

But because 'prostitution' has always been accepted as a 'profession' condoned and legalised (in many countries) The paying rapists can regularly sexually assault and rape, both legally and with impunity.
Even in places where prostitution is illegal and the paying rapist is caught, they may only receive a fine, a short sentence or a stint in john school etc. Instead of having a criminal record as a sex offender and would likely be incarcerated for a long period of time.

So, raping with money really does pay off.

The sellers of female bodies are psychopathic criminals and they too, sell women and girls with impunity. They are sometimes arrested and prosecuted for trafficking,drug offences and violence. But in the whole scheme of global prostitution and sex trafficking, this accounts for only a handful.

It's time to erase the word 'prostitution' and rename it as
 'Paid Rape'

Is it not time that we as a supposedly 'humane' society, start listening to survivors and organisations that work with them. Understand the motives of the buyers and sellers. Erase the word 'Prostitution' and replace it with 'Paid Rape' and collectively concede that this ubiquitous sexual violence and the selling and buying of women and girls, should be unacceptable and needs to be completely eradicated.
We may never totally eradicate this abhorrent crime, but we can make a start. One way to reduce these crimes against women and girls, would be to arrest, expose and enforce severe penalties on the buyers and the sellers of female bodies.

 The buyers, the sellers and the victims of paid rape
 (Although this is a global crime, I am only going to be focusing on the US and the UK)

 The following images are taken from 'Special Investigation: Human Trafficking' 
Which content is similar and features some of the people who told their trafficking stories and those who made the monumental film-  'I am Jane Doe' 

 A police sting operation who's police officers pretend that they are minors (Through Backpage.com) There are no shortage of paying rapists that want under-age girls

 When Chief Executive Officer of Backpage.com Carl Ferrer is questioned by this report

CEO of Backpage, called 'world's top online brothel,' arrested on pimping charges

Dozens of law enforcement officials arrested the CEO of Backpage.com Thursday and raided the adult sex website's Dallas headquarters after an investigation found evidence that adult and child sex trafficking was being promoted through its escort ads.
CEO Carl Ferrer, 55, was arrested in Houston Thursday afternoon on a California warrant and faces felony charges of pimping a minor, pimping, and conspiracy to commit pimping, the Texas and California attorney generals announced. Ferrer had just returned to the country on a flight from Amsterdam.
Michael Lacey and James Larkin, Backpage shareholders, also face felony charges of conspiracy to commit pimping.
"Raking in millions of dollars from the trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable victims is outrageous, despicable and illegal," said California Attorney General Kamala Harris in a statement. "Backpage and its executives purposefully and unlawfully designed Backpage to be the world's top online brothel.
The arrests come after a lengthy joint investigation by the California and Texas attorney general offices, which found that many of the prostitution ads posted to Backpage involved victims of sex trafficking, including children under the age of 18, according to Harris' office.

Michael Lacey often shows contempt by openly yawning, looking at his watch and slumping

Special Investigation: Human Trafficking

Backpage.com have since pulled it's 'Adult section' adverts, but may have moved it into their 'Dating section' I decided to have a quick look on BackpageUK where the adult section is still online.
What I saw disturbed me, as some of the females advertised on there for sex, appeared to be exceptionally young & with terms described as 'Sweet and sexy'  'Newly arrived' from foreign countries and that most of the ages are between 19 and 22 to avoid being flagged as suspicious. (I have blurred the eyes & flesh, not backpage)

Sex trafficking: The Victims Next Door

Demographics of the paying rapists

 Amy - the name she advertised under - is 19, though her ad says 21. She tells the agent she has been in the life since she was 13. Her mother worked as a prostitute.“I just grew up with it,” she says with a shrug.I like my job,” Amy says, a little defensively, a little defiantly. “I have fun doing it. I get to party all the time.”Fontenot, the BCI’s point person for human trafficking, is skeptical. He sees that her sparkly pink fingernails are broken. She has a cut on her arm, bruises on her leg.She tells him that two days earlier, she fled topless from a Williston house after a “trick” attacked her. They had undressed, she says, and he asked for his money back.No refunds, she insisted.Then he pounced on her, she tells Fontenot, and injured her shoulder, took her sweatshirt, broke her pepper spray and stopped her from dialing 911.Amy said she freaked out and cried after escaping to her car. The incident triggered her post-traumatic stress disorder, a result of being kidnapped and held hostage, she tells Fontenot. She said she’s also had a .22-caliber gun shoved inside of her, leaving her unable to have children.
The last time Amy was with law enforcement was during an investigation of a man who had been her trafficker. He pleaded guilty this fall in federal court in another state to forcing women to travel to several states, place ads online and engage in prostitution.

“He was a (expletive) monster,” she said. “He never hit me because I know my place and I play my role very well.”

Amy insists she doesn't have a boyfriend or pimp now.

“Every single girl you see on Backpage besides me probably has a pimp.”

Not Amy, she says. “Because I’m smart.”

A report commissioned in the wake of revelations that "at least" 1,400 girls were sexually exploited in Rotherham has branded the local authority "not fit for purpose" and left it facing takeover by government commissioners. How did it reach this point?

The issue of child sex abuse in Rotherham first came to light in November 2010 when five men from the town's Asian community were jailed for sexual offences against underage girls.
But suspicions were already growing that the scale of the town's problem was far more widespread.
Almost two years later, in September 2012, Andrew Norfolk, a journalist on The Times newspaper, published an investigation which revealed a confidential 2010 police report had warned thousands of such crimes were being committed in South Yorkshire each year by networks of Asian men.
"The Rotherham police exposed, arrested and broke up an evil gang of internal traffickers who were sent to prison," he said.
"But it is clear the internal trafficking of barely pubescent girls is much more widespread."
But the force was criticised by the Home Affairs Select Committee and told by its chairman Keith Vaz they needed to "get a grip".
Rotherham was not the only community in the North and the Midlands to have uncovered such abuse. There have also been arrests or prosecutions of groups of men in 11 towns and cities, including Oldham, Rochdale and Derby.
"In the other cases, overwhelmingly, they were men of Pakistani origin and we need to understand why this has been happening," said Mr Norfolk.
He described a previous report into gang exploitation as a "missed opportunity" because of its failure to look at the proportion of men of Pakistani origin committing such offences.
Yet, despite the concerns, in 2012 no further prosecutions for child sex exploitation took place in Rotherham.
However, the council did say "improved public awareness" had helped it identify more young girls at risk of sexual exploitation in the town.
In January 2013, the town once again fell under the scrutiny of MPs. This time it was the borough council which appeared before the Home Affairs Select Committee to answer questions about the lack of prosecutions."We're talking about hundreds of victims, of vulnerable young girls, who have not been protected because, at the end of the day, what people are looking for are prosecutions."

 The Rochdale rapists and sellers of young girls

The perpetrators

 Twelve men were initially charged with sex trafficking and other offences including rape, trafficking girls for sex and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child. Nine men were convicted, of whom eight were of British Pakistani origin and one was an Afghan asylum-seeker. Of the three not convicted, one was cleared of all charges, the jury was unable to reach a verdict in the case of the second, and the third was not present at the trial after fleeing to Pakistan while on bail. Most of the men were married and well-respected within their community. One gang member convicted of sex trafficking was a religious studies teacher at a mosque and a married father of five.The men were aged between 24 and 59 and all knew each other. Two worked for the same taxi firm and another two worked at a takeaway restaurant; some came from the same village in Pakistan and another pair shared a flat. The gang worked to secure underage girls for sex.

The victims

The abuse of underage girls that occurred in 2008 and 2009 centred around two takeaways in Heywood near Rochdale. Despite one victim going to the police in 2008 to report the grooming, the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute two men, invoking the witness's credibility. As a result of the CPS dropping the case, the police halted their investigation, which was resumed when a second girl made complaints of a similar nature in December 2009. The CPS's original decision was overturned in 2011 when a new chief prosecutor for the region, Nazir Afzal, a first generation British-Pakistani, was appointed.
The victims, vulnerable teenagers from deprived, dysfunctional backgrounds, were targeted in "honeypot locations" where young people congregated, such as takeaway food shops. One victim, a 15-year-old known as the Honey Monster, acted as a recruiter, procuring girls as young as 13 for the gang. The victims were coerced and bribed into keeping quiet about the abuse by a combination of alcohol and drugs, food, small sums of money and other gifts.
The oldest person to be convicted, Shabir Ahmed, was for a while the main trafficker of the victims. On one occasion he ordered a girl aged 15 to have sex with Kabeer Hassan, as a "treat" for his birthday — Hassan then raped the girl himself. Abdul Aziz, a married father of three, took over from Shabir Ahmed as the main trafficker and was paid by various men to supply underage girls for sex.
Victims were physically assaulted and raped by as many as five men at a time, or obliged to have sex with "several men in a day, several times a week". The victims, plied with drugs and alcohol, were passed around friends and family, and taken to various locations in the north of England, including Rochdale, Oldham, Nelson, Bradford and Leeds. The abusers paid small sums of money for the encounters. One 13-year-old victim recounted that, after being forced to have sex in exchange for vodka, her abuser immediately raped her again and gave her £40 to not say anything about the incident. Among the incidents that police recorded were a 15-year-old victim too drunk to recall being raped by 20 men, one after the other; and another victim so drunk that she vomited over the side of the bed as she was being raped by two men. One thirteen-year-old victim had an abortion after becoming pregnant.